Established in 2009, Shipe’s Spraying Service is a family-owned extermination business. We strive to be the best by making customer satisfaction our top priority.

About Us


The Process

Through a series of perimeter applications, we are able to help control and prevent the infestation of bugs that want to call your home their home.


Our Services

We offer our services for residential homes, commercial businesses, and agricultural facilities for bug and insect control and prevention. We take care of a wide range of insects including spiders, ants, roaches, boxelder bugs, and more.


Our Locations

We currently have active spraying routes in Northeast and Central Indiana, Southern Michigan, Northwestern Ohio, and we are looking forward to expanding every year.

Contact Us

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Shipe's Spraying Service

PO Box 151, Pleasant Lake, IN 46779, US

(260) 624-5022


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

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